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Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 4

Airport operators are under constant pressure to deliver higher growth in passenger and cargo numbers, yet struggling to achieve higher efficiency and safety for employees, passengers and visitors. When the Singapore Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4 was undergoing Operational Readiness, Activation and Transition, the Changi Airport Group faced the uphill task of coordinating over 1800 employees, including 500 airport emergency service personnel, and managing over 150,000 sqm space with 400 retail and service outlets and 140 F&B outlets. Instead of waiting 3 to 4 months to deploy a trunked radio network, they chose Virtual Trunk for a fast-tracked deployment with a wider coverage of communication at 20% lower cost of investment.

Singapore Airlines Engineering Company (SIAEC) Group

Operating six hangers and 22 workshops in the Singapore Changi Airport, the SIAEC Group provides complete Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services in airframe, component, engine, aircraft conversions and modifications to more than 50 airlines passing through Singapore. Their complaint of “We repair planes, but our walkie talkie breaks. When our walkie talkie breaks, we can’t repair planes” summed up the reason why they turned to Virtual Trunk. Switching from a trunked radio network to PoC platform, they now enjoy GPS tracking, multimedia messaging, video calling and dynamic grouping – important features that are needed to address evolving situations with dynamic responses.

Australia Sydney International Tennis Tournament 2018 

Delays and cost overruns are inherent part of organising large-scale events. The good news for the Australia Sydney International Tennis Tournament 2018 was these issues could be eliminated using a cost-effective communication solution.  With Virtual Trunk, organisers deployed 40 IoT Terminals to the transport managers and drivers to coordinate timely transportation services for the large contingent of tennis players at their match venues and hotels. The wide coverage also proved to be more efficient than a competitive city-wide radio trunking system. Users did not miss any important messages, found the solution easy to use and gave Virtual Trunk a high score of satisfaction.


PT Keretapi Commuter Indonesia (KCI)

The rapid pace of urbanisation puts added pressure on already strained infrastructure – peak-time commuting in major cities are seeing more overcrowding, safety and security concerns. Commonly known as KRL, the commuter rail system for the Jakarta Metropolitan Area in Indonesia covers a rail network of 418 kilometers with 76 stations and supports over a million of daily commuters. Through a connected railway, KCI ensures reliable communications, efficient operations, improved safety and security, but the blind spots in many of its rail stations have been a constant hindrance for their trunked radio service. By implementing the Virtual Trunk solution in their Security and Service Operations, they could resolve these blind spots and extend a wider coverage via the telecommunication base stations, thus making it easier for the Control Center to monitor security personnel and look out for safety incidents.

GRAB Indonesia

Car-sharing economy is seeing a widespread popularity which mitigates the problem of limited public transportation. GRAB is a technology company offering ride-hailing transport services, food delivery and payment solutions in several Asian countries. Since June 2018, GRAB has been collaborating with the business/commercial unit of the Indonesia Police known as INKOPOL to provide transportation services at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport (SHIA). While the GRAB-Airport Partnership offers planning, reliability and total cost advantages, the Virtual Trunk solution deployed at SHIA offers a better way to communicate and coordinate the hectic logistics of matching ride availability to varying demand at the Terminals and car pool areas.

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), Malaysia

Many decisions that governments make concern policy and resource allocation. As the city council, the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) is always seeking better ways to administer regulations and infrastructure for improved services to the Kuala Lumpur residents. By opting for Virtual Trunk solutions, the DBKL realised substantial annual savings including 12,500 ringgits for repeater licenses and 90,000 ringgits for Antenna Tower rental. They also achieved a wider coverage and GPS tracking of users, as well as image and video recordings to support evidential statements during emergencies.

Brussels City Guards, Belgium

Traffic congestion is an alarming problem and it has been growing exponentially on a global scale. Since indiscriminate car parking is a major contributor, the Brussels City Guards under the Municipal Council of Brussels need a more effective mean of reporting parking offences, issuing tickets to traffic offenders and providing public surveillance. A new communication system on Virtual Trunk became the answer they have been looking for. The benefits are plenty: wide area coverage with no setup costs, ability to send images to the Command Centre, GPS tracking of users, and dynamic grouping whenever the user base changes.

TAFE College New South Wales, Australia

Nothing beats instant communication for timely response to ensure school safety and productivity. Since 2017, TAFE NSW has been centrally managing 130 campuses across 809,000 kilometers. To communicate and coordinate with their school personnel, some sites were using two-way radios while more regional campuses were relying on mobile phones. TAFE wanted an ‘all-in-one’ communication platform to connect all users and the Virtual Trunk solution became a perfect match. The unified communication provided a channel matrix for each campus to have their own working channel and a second channel as a priority channel in every TAFE radio that is utilised by the Control Room back in Ultimo Sydney. The biggest draw was achieving a wider coverage without the massive investments in new infrastructure setup, device costs and network fees.

Star Automaterialen BV in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

While drivers might think a mobile communication system would take away their freedom, a data-enabled solution by Virtual Trunk does the opposite. By empowering branches and drivers to stay connected, they can free up precious time contacting each other and quickly route their next delivery destinations. The car spare parts distribution company, Star Automaterialen BV in Amsterdam at Netherlands, saw this potential in Virtual Trunk. Whenever they need to re-route drivers for changing priorities and to collect returns efficiently, its Management Console provides accurate driver locations instantly. No more cumbersome issues of forgotten phones, empty batteries, and “I did not hear the phone ringing” excuses.

Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If information is the lifeblood of healthcare, then communication systems are the heart that support it. Hospitals are highly interruptive environments that need a reliable way to reach their caregivers and key personnel to ensure timely response to medical emergencies. The Pantai Hospital at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia evaluated the high cost of installing multiple repeaters to provide complete radio coverage of its building, radiotherapy rooms and four levels of basement car park. Knowing that their entire premises are linked to the telecommunication network, using an Internet Protocol (IP) solution like the Virtual Trunk can ensure 99.9% coverage without additional costs or loss of signals.

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and Spa   

What constitutes truly great luxury hotel service? Ensuring everything works as expected. The Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and Spa is a 5-star beach resort with 176 guest rooms ranging from beach cottages to over water villas – all furnished in tropical style. Come rain or sunny days, their buggy service is always in high demand and coordinating with buggy drivers poses a constant challenge. After a month’s trial, the resort deployed Virtual Trunk solutions within a day. Now their buggy drivers receive timely calls, thanks to reliable radios and comfortable headsets. 

Ritz Carlton Langkawi, Malaysia

Creating a memorable experience which guests want to repeat and tell their friends is the ultimate reward for luxury hotel operators. The Ritz Carlton Langkawi Malaysia knows delighting their guests starts right where they are picked up at the ferry terminal. To avoid pick-up delays, the resort must ensure their communication network be fail-safe. Virtual Trunk solutions provide reliable coverage that is island-wide without the additional infrastructure and high costs. What remains high is the employee productivity for all job requests within the resort and pick-up services at the ferry terminal.


The TRANSELEC project in Chile is a new high voltage line of 16.5 kilometers with an investment of US$95 million. It is the first tunnel to transmit electrical energy in high tension in the national system, and passes below a population in Cerro Navia that can improve the quality of life of families more vulnerable. To ensure their tunneling crew stays connected with the Control Centre above the surface, the main contractor AGROSONDA uses a mesh wi-fi network inside the tunnels where Virtual Trunk solution with a Dispatcher Console can provide critical features such as images and video uploads for updates, as well as Dynamic Grouping to manage all users. Minus the high costs of setting up a new trunked radio network!