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Connect Anytime, Collaborate Anywhere in this Digital Age

Mobility has transformed the way businesses operate. Enabling employees to connect and collaborate, work from any location and be productive on the road. The key to successfully implementing a mobility strategy for your organisation is to tap into technologies and tools that deliver immediacy of communication.

D'call VT28 new!

IP Smart Terminal

Versatile and Professional

An all-round, 4G LTE smart device, built for Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) technology. With superior audio and longer battery life.

Comfortably sized, at a great value.

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Push-to-Talk Over Cellular for Business

The pace of business is accelerated, waiting seems unnecessary. Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) technology helps you connect devices, solutions and apps to access critical business information immediately. The same way public safety and first responders rely on reliable mission critical communications, your business can now experience the same benefits of secure, instant and integrated communications.

Unlimited Coverage. Minus the High Costs

While governments spend millions for public safety and first responders, the PoC technology uses nationwide cellular networks already in place. Delivering unlimited range of coverage for businesses, without the burden of costly capital investments.

Wider Coverage, Extended Reach

Tapping cellular networks with nationwide coverage to extend wider reach of communication to more locations.

Unlimited Users, Any Devices

Integration with existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and platforms ensure seamless communication on radios, devices and smartphones.

Amazing Features, Beyond Voice

Breaking down the boundaries of physical and digital environments, you can track users with GPS accuracy, trace all communications and going beyond voice with video and images.

Pay Per Use, Low Cost

Harness the power of communication without costly capital investments and with greater ease of management.

Virtual Trunk PTT

Solution Provider for Business

Why use Virtual Trunk?

Effective mobility integration allows you to deliver files and apps to any device whilst ensuring security and data protection. This is where Virtual Trunk comes in. We do not simply provide hardware devices or software solutions, nor just a push-to-talk app for your smartphones and personal computers. We are a complete and integrated PoC solution provider for the business.


IoT Terminals

The IP smart terminals under the brand name D’call deliver voice, data, images, GPS and videos. They are available in a radio form factor for in-the-field users or smartphone form factor for the managers or supervisors. These terminals are robust, ruggedised and professionally designed to fit all user needs with built-in GPS, IP67/8 protection and more. Terminals suited for hazardous environments are also available.


Virtual Gateway

The IP smart terminals under the brand name D’call The gateway is tested for interoperability with existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) or Portable Mobile Radio (PMR) devices

Virtual Trunk Integrated Software Solutions

Integrated Software Solutions

Deploy track, trace and beyond. Track user whereabouts with GPS accuracy. Trace all communications with audit trail. Get dynamic grouping, priority call, over-the-air programming and more features such as video and images. With Virtual Trunk Apps, you can also communicate with radio users on your smartphones.


Secure Platform​

Built on external application programming interfaces (API), our stable platform with 24/7 support is tested for interoperability with local telecommunication carriers. Highly secured by AES 128 and latest encryptions to prevent unauthorised call interceptions and recordings. By enabling seamless switching to 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks for a more extensive coverage, the platform delivers instant push-to-talk communications in 300 milliseconds.

Get Diagnostic Consultation worth USD1000 for Free​

While there are many PoC solutions, not all are created equal. More than just rolling out an app, an effective PoC provider ensures call quality, faster deployment and timely response. Customers choose Virtual Trunk for its exceptional platform stability and management. Find out how your business can benefit from PoC.

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