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Keep your workforce working efficiently and securely

Explore Virtual Trunk’s innovations and solutions

that boosts the value of your business.

More Performance with Internet-of-Things (IoT) Terminals

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connectivity – allowing your devices to share data in a secure, connected and intelligent way. Virtual Trunk’s IoT Terminals are smart devices that offer data-driven insights and real-time communications that your workforce needs to be efficient and productive.

Virtual Trunk Secure Platform Screen

More Value from Integrated Software Solutions

Bring your business operations and communications together in a single collaborative platform for people, data and processes. Get centralised control and make better decisions every time.

Dispatch Console Solutions

Efficiently coordinate and manage your field operations, administrative tasks, and emergency actions on a nationwide or worldwide scale.

icon-Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity

Keep workforce productive by organising work groups with easy communication in group or individual basis regardless of the networks they use.
Special Features
  • Private Call
  • Group Call
  • Dynamic Grouping such as setting up a temporary group for specific tasks
  • Job Ticketing
  • Text Messaging
  • Video Monitoring
  • Picture Taking
  • Over-the-air Programming
icon-Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Keep workplaces safer by eliminating barriers to communication and engaging your employees effectively.

Special Features
  • Real time GPS Tracking & Locationing
  • Priority Call to override all calls during an emergency
  • Transmit Interrupt to stop conversations and deliver critical messages
  • Emergency Alarm to send out a distress call to console
  • Device Enable/Disable remotely for misplaced or stolen devices
  • Secure Communications on a purpose-built platform
icon-Business Optimisation

Business Optimisation

Keep track of what is happening and trace all communications for clearer visibility of operations and effective business management.

Special Features
  • Asset Tracking
  • Data Management to track communications with audit trail recordings of video, picture, text, voice
  • Mobile Apps to link smartphone users

Find out how you can run your business better with intelligent solutions designed for your industry.